Cracking The Nut ( HISTORICON '06 )

The walled city of El Nabrijha has become a strong hold for a war lord to gather the local hill tribes in open revolt.

The German command has decided this bastion must fall. Three infantry squads, two field guns with crew and a
machinegun team are organized under the watchful eye of Hauptmann Furchtsam.

The city remains quiet as the enemy lays in wait. The Germans creep forward checking the out laying brush for
hidden ambushes.

Uhr heraus! Small field guns boom to life and the "wicker, wicker" of their shells can be heard as they descend!

The tower also holds a small field gun. But the shots are both well short of their mark exploding in front of the Germans.

The German machinegun crew begins to conduct recon by fire of the brush to their front as they watch the enemy
shells burst close by.

Hauptmann Furchtsam ( he's actually inside ) and his borrowed command vehicle. "Vat is 'Guinness'..."?

The two field guns halt in place and begin to unlimber as the infantry continue to press forward. In no time German
shells arch their way towards the gate. The Germans have to be careful as they have a limited amount of ammunition.

The German barrage falls neatly on the gate and defenses exposing some hillsmen and felling their comrades.

The German field guns continue their action while to their front a lucky native shell finds some tightly grouped infantry!

The machinegun continues to press forward once it has sprayed the tall grass to clear it of possible enemy. German
artillery bursts all about the gate to the walled city in the distance.

The unlucky German squad that took the direct shell hit - they are not pleased about the loss of their three friends!

The hillsmen fire a futile volley which hits nothing. The superior German rifle fire sweeps them away in moments.

The selective German fire falls short of the gate while the infantry closes in.

Hauptmann Furchtsam moves closer and orders the guns to attack the enemy field guns of which they make quick work.

The German shells begin to work their way past the gate as the infantry presses to close the distance.

A second tribe of hillsmen come under the deadly attack of german artillery. A survivor of the tower gun cowers in black.

The infantry begin to add their fire as they near the walls. They are almost there!

Finally! The German center reaches the relative safety of the right wall and up go the siege ladders!

A German left seize the defenses at the main gate and watch their artillery wreck havoc on the enemy.

Hauptmann Furchtsam berates the remaining squad of infantry for being the last to reach the wall! Schneller! Schneller!

The tribesmen move into the relative safety of the buildings as the smoke from German artillery clears.

The first German squad is quickly up and over the wall! They quickly set upon some tribesmen defending a yard area.

With the help of their cursing commander the second squad halts on the wall to take a large war band of swordsmen
under fire! There are scores of them both here and on the other end of the defenses laying in ambush!

The natives begin to scream and scatter like chickens after rifle bullets prove them mortal!

Enrged at not being able to reach their attackers on the wall the swordsmen set upon the first squad!

Pistol, rifles, and bayonet make quick work of the howling savages. It is a miracle so few Germans have fallen!

Luck has seemed to run out for them as a second howling warband charges at them from a position down the left wall!

The second German squad over the wall is forced from their perch by native bullets but continues to clean up straggler
swordmen unaware of the threat befalling their comrades behind them!

German artillery continues to target flags visible from over the wall. The fire is half effective but the good shots count!

The German squad outside the main gate is startled as a whole train of natives start to thunder by! Feuer! Feuer!!!

A second miracle as the machinegun and rifle fire breaks the enemy charge and scatters them!

A few enemy survivors are mopped up as they reach the German position inside the wall.

The remainder of the enemy column comes pouring out of the gate to take revenge upon their attackers! They come
piece meal and are laid to rest in just such a fashion.

The war lord emerges from his tent with his personal body guard to repel the invaders!

Too late! The Germans at the gate rush through seizing another objective securing yet another hold inside the city!

Two natives late to the party find the position quiet - except for the machinegun and its crew!

Scattered fighting will continue but Hauptmann Furchtsam has succeeded in keeping his men inside the city!
Rienforcements will soon arrive to exploit the breaches made thus far nd the city cannot stand! A great victory!

Germans - Minor Victory - WINNER!
Natives - Minor Defeat